Hardware Installation
Information Management Technologies, Inc. is a complete data collection solutions provider representing over 40 brands of barcode scanners and printers, radio frequency identification (RFID) terminals and tags, wireless data collection systems, and mobile data collection applications. Our training and expertise with multiple brands allows us to configure and install the best system to meet your price and performance objectives. Hardware Installation

If you are in the market to install a wireless LAN, our Installation Plus™ Service covers the physical installation of the wired backbone, power requirements and Access Points in a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). This includes the installation and termination of the specified cabling requirements (Cat5, Fiber, etc.). It also includes the configuration of all Access Points and RF terminals.

Below is a general outline of responsibilities you can expert with our Installation Plus service:
Information Management Technologies's Responsibilities:
  • Install the wired backbone for the Access Points and install all power requirements.
  • Unpack and log all equipment.
  • Physically place and connect all wired elements, and verify network connectivity.
  • Configure all Access Points and RF terminals.
  • Provide training to demonstrate the method of loading software and setting IP addresses in Telnet Client environments.
  • Document installed equipment placement, power considerations, serial numbers, MAC addresses, IP addresses and wiring requirements for the site in an Installation Report.
  • Supply installation report to customer within three days of installation.
  • Archive Installation Reports for support reference.
Client’s Responsibilities:
  • Identify site contacts and arrange site access.
  • Ensure Site Analysis/Design has been completed and appropriate materials ordered.
  • Notify Information Management Technologies a minimum of two weeks before installation date to ensure scheduling availability.
  • Provide an adequate quantity of access points to the installation team prior to the start of the installation.
  • Dedicated A/C power at the hub (within 10 feet) must be in place before work begins.
  • Ensure host is ready for communication with network before work begins. If terminal emulation is to be used, host must have Ethernet connectivity and support a Telnet session. If PC based, PC must have Ethernet connectivity.
  • The morning work is to be started, the customer must provide adequate lift. Lift must be available for the entire installation. If customer cannot supply a lift, customer must pre-authorize Information Management Technologies to supply a lift, billing the customer for it.
Products Covered:
  • This service covers all Wireless LAN components.

From start to finish, Information Management Technologies, Inc. will work with you to maximize the productivity of your barcode & RFID data collection systems.

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