System Implementation and Integration
System ImplementationOnce your new hardware is fully installed, Information Management Technologies technicians begin your total system implementation by configuring the data collection equipment. At this time, our factory trained technicians adjust your settings (including RFID settings) to ensure various hardware components properly work together to collect your applications data.
The RFID system or Barcode system is then run in a live environment making final adjustments needed before implementing the new system with your existing one. Using Information Management Technologies to conduct your full integration ensures peak performance of your new RFID solution or barcode solution, including RFID printers, barcode printers, data collection devices (barcode readers and RFID scanners), wiring, power supplies, and all other components working together. This service also guarantees a smooth and successful implementation of the new system into your existing one.

An RFID System or Barcode System That Meets Some of the Toughest Standards.
Upon completion of the integration, your new system will be implemented into your existing process. The data collection system goes from being run separately, during the integration process, to a Information Management Technologies system. Once the two systems are running together, Information Management Technologies technicians monitor them assessing their performance.

Make Information Management Technologies Your Barcode and RFID Solution Provider.
From start to finish, Information Management Technologies, Inc., your Barcode and RFID solution provider, will work with you to maximize the productivity of your barcode & RFID system.

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