RFID Solutions
When you hear the term radio frequency identification (RFID), what do you think? If you said Wireless Communication or EPC Global Compliance, you’re not alone. Although both of these technologies use some form of RFID, they are just two of the many that RFID can be used in.

Information Management Technologies, Inc., a complete solution provider of data collection hardware and software, has been working with RFID for several years installing the technology in non-traditional applications including:

Warehouse Management System

  • Route Accounting
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Time & Attendance

Asset Tracking

Custom Software Solutions

Once considered the technology of the future, RFID is integrating itself into day-to-day business operations like yours. RFID is allowing companies to track an item, whether it’s a document or an article of clothing, throughout the office or manufacturing floor.

With add-on modules developed by Information Management Technologies’s software engineers to work in conjunction with new or existing RFID systems, organizations across all industries are able to track costly deficiencies "Bottlenecks" within their system. Inventory control has also never been greater as recently shown in a study by Accenture.

Whether your organization is looking to become EPC Global Compliant or to install an asset tracking system, Information Management Technologies, Inc. realizes one size does not fit all and tailors our solutions to work within different business environments. At Information Management Technologies, we begin by evaluating your current system and completing a Consultation and Needs Analysis. Upon completion of our initial consultation and needs analysis, our certified Account Executives will make recommendations.

At Information Management Technologies, we design and integrate RFID Solutions for today’s business and tomorrow’s growth. From start to finish, Information Management Technologies, Inc. will work with you to maximize the productivity of your barcode & RFID data collection systems.

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