Barcode & RFID Leasing
Information Management Technologies, Inc. offers leasing on Barcode Scanners, Mobile Computers, RFID Printers, and other data collection equipment. Service leasing allows you to pay for barcode and RFID solutions over a period of time to assist in the installation or upgrade of a data collection system.
Our leasing system is especially beneficial if your business has been required to meet EPC global compliance or Department of Defense mandates with a limited budget and a short installation timeframe. Information Management Technologies can help your company implement a data collection solution with low upfront costs.

Financial Advantages

  • Leasing. Leasing requires little advance payment and does not tie up existing credit lines. Profits are generated while using your leased data collection equipment, and your hardware is paid for through operation.
  • Lower Taxes. Leasing barcode equipment is deductible as an operating expense and lowers costs after taxes.
  • Long-Term Benefits. Monthly lease payment for your store, warehouse, office, or other business is at a fixed rate independent of the progressive economy.

Financial Alternatives

  • Cash Purchase. Requires a large investment in hardware up front without any benefits of usage. You tie up your assets and restrict future business opportunities.
  • Bank Financing. A large down payment is often required, tying up your credit lines.

Leasing Approval
Once you are ready to purchase products and services from Information Management Technologies, Inc., complete a simple credit application or give the information to one of our Account Executives over the phone at (425) 322-5078.

When your credit application has been approved by our leasing company, send your purchase order and a copy of the approval letter to Information Management Technologies. We will then schedule your data collection hardware order and the appropriate installation services.

Terms and Conditions

  • Click here for monthly lease factors based on the size of your loan
  • Click here for estimated monthly payment amounts

For more information on how leasing barcode and RFID equipment can help you improve profits, call Information Management Technologies, Inc. today at (425) 322-5078 or email us.