Wireless Networking Solutions
Competition in today’s global economy continues to force businesses to do more for less. Technology has been a major contributor of solutions and tools that businesses use to meet these demanding goals. The introduction of laptops, PDA’s, Mobile Data Collection devices, Web kiosks, and Wireless VIOP telephones are all the result of shrinking margins and increasing demand for quality. Wireless LAN technology is considered to be one of the most innovative cost saving solutions technology has contributed in the last 10 years. Wireless LANS create mobility, allowing people and machines to move freely within their work environment while maintaining a connection to critical enterprise resources results in increased efficiency, lower costs and higher productivity levels.Access Point

The real value of the wireless LAN comes from providing reliable, high-speed access to users roaming essentially anywhere within a building, campus, across a multi-location enterprise, or even in public spaces. While end users can justify using WLANs based simply on convenience, and network managers value the reduced infrastructure complexity and lower installation and maintenance costs, the real value in using a wireless LAN is improved productivity. Information is available and can be put to use where and when it's needed. Users can communicate wherever they happen to be, with benefits of improved information utilization, shortened response times, and ultimately, competitive advantage.

Issues like security, network management, reliability, and quality of service have slowed the deployment for many industries. The WS2000, WS5000, and AP-4131 can provide today’s IT manager with world class security, reliability, mobility, and quality of service. Informed selection, configuration, and deployment of the right products for the intended application and environment assure the level of satisfaction desired with a wireless system.

Industry Benefits

  • Retail. Wireless video displays provide video, music, seasonal advertising, product infomercials, and sales staff training. All content is streamed directly from the host server on demand. Gift registries using today’s modern devices can provide enhanced product information and demonstrations instantly upon request while collecting valuable information about consumer preferences. Symbol WS2000
  • Health Care. The ability to access and disseminate information quickly throughout a healthcare facility can literally save lives. A high speed wireless network allows multiple individuals to access valuable information in real-time enabling better decisions by providing accurate information faster. Voice over Wireless IP networks allow personnel to be reached quickly and easily as their office phone can travel with them and replace the multitude of communication devices currently required. Most importantly, Wireless LAN technologies operate in a radio frequency band that does not interfere with vital electronic medical equipment. Imagine a nurse using a wireless imaging device can send the doctor a real-time image of the patients X-rays. Arriving in the operating room faster than the patient, the X-ray can provide vital information needed to make the right decision when seconds count. Symbol WS5000
  • Manufacturing. Collecting information at the point of activity populates your ERP system with real time information. The more accurate the information, the better the decision. Utilizing a wireless LAN allows workers to stay connected to the resources they need to be efficient and informed.

Wireless Bridging Extends your LAN
The high cost of leasing data lines to connect your companies LAN segments puts wireless networking in a unique position to provide a low cost alternative. With support for both point to point or point to multipoint solutions, our System Architects can design a solution that pays for itself while providing you with data rates of up to 54 Mbps, enhanced security suite, and rugged enclosures that can withstand the most demanding environments. Wireless Bridge
Wireless WAN systems can be integrated as a stand alone system or in conjunction with traditional wired or fiber optic networks to ensure your mission critical resources are always available. Solutions that utilize Wireless WAN technology can be integrated into manufacturing, health care, education, or municipal environments. As your manufacturing plant grows, extend your network beyond its current limits. Put data where you need it when you need it, with our flexible and rapid deployment abilities.

The high costs of fiber optic networks can slow down upgrades to campus networks in the health care industry. Put high bandwidth secure solutions in place that keep pace with the rapid advances technology provides. Our systems can put high speed data in the hands of students without the cost of multiple T1 lines that can push budgets to the limit. Wireless WAN solutions can allow multiple school buildings located miles apart to share a single high speed pipe to the internet.

With our expertise in network design, your municipality can have a secure high speed data network in your parks and common areas. As a disaster recovery solution, allow your city to utilize internet access and telephone service during serious emergencies like power outages or natural disasters. Simply set up a wireless bridge/satellite pipeline with a remote power option and data access and phone service can save lives.