Mobility Services Platform
MSP Services by Technology
Symbol's highly trained and experienced Mobility Services team combines expertise in enterprise mobility design and implementation with deep industry experience. Whether you run a hospital, manufacturing plant, wholesale or retail business, or an airport, we'll help you get the most out of your mobility management software. Benefits of using Symbol's services team include:
  • Rapid time to completed integration, so you realize the value of your mobile technology faster.
  • Detailed consultative reports identifying requirements and documenting system design.
  • Advanced implementation support from onsite consultants to minimize disruption to your business.
Our professional and support services span the entire solution lifecycle. From initial assessment and rollout through training and support, we apply proven technology and processes to ensure the highest-level MSP performance for a single point of control for your mobile devices, wireless infrastructure and mobile applications.

 Business Challenge Solution
The daunting task of deploying the hundreds or thousands of devices required to support your enterprise is time consuming, very costly and complicated further by the fact that you have multiple office locations. 
 MSP's powerful templates enable your administrators to quickly configure and deploy any number of devices, remotely and cost effectively, wherever they are located. Thousands of devices can be deployed in minutes instead of months, dramatically reducing the time and costs associated with initial and ongoing device deployment.
Keeping software updated on mobile devices requires your administrators to physically locate and connect the devices to a PC. Not only is this an extremely time consuming and costly task, it also impacts user productivity while devices are being updated. 
 MSP delivers the power to remotely and automatically manage the applications, operating systems and firmware on your mobile devices, regardless of location. Updates that took weeks now take minutes, dramatically reducing the time and cost associated with ongoing software management. 
You need to be able to support your end users and troubleshoot mobile device issues faster and more cost-effectively.  MSP provides remote real-time visibility into a wide variety of mobile device metrics, enabling IT staff to quickly and easily identify and resolve end-user mobile device issues. IT staff time required for support is minimized - along with your support costs. 
Your wireless infrastructure is not easy to manage or control; issues are not visible in real time, often developing into major problems that impact performance. Deploying security is complex and costly. And your wireless LAN performance is not consistent or optimal, affecting network availability - and employee productivity. 
 MSP provides a single point of control for your entire wireless LAN infrastructure - whether you have one or many locations. Instant notification of network issues allows timely resolution before performance is impacted. Robust authentication and encryption security mechanisms can be quickly and easily deployed throughout your organization. And visibility into wireless network infrastructure metrics provides the information you need to keep your wireless LAN operating at peak performance, with maximum uptime. 


Manage mobile devices, mobile applications and wireless infrastructure from a single point of control.
Simplify and reduce the costs of managing your enterprise mobility solution with anywhere, anytime end-to-end visibility and control of all your mobile devices, mobile applications and wireless infrastructure. This scalable solution is ideal for any size environment - from a single corporate office or many locations around the world, and from hundreds to thousands of handheld computers, bar code scanners, wireless switches, access points and other mobile devices. And this single management system provides the flexibility to support your heterogeneous enterprise mobility solution - a single management system that supports all Symbol wireless infrastructure and mobile devices and Windows CE- and Pocket PC-based mobile device.


Powerful single point of control for your entire enterprise mobility solution.
Easily manage your entire enterprisemobility solution with an unprecedented single point controlfor your mobile devices, mobile applications and wireless networkinfrastructure. An intuitive Web-based interface provides convenientand flexible anywhere, anytime management. And a comprehensiveset of features enables full lifecycle management, allowing youto easily deploy, monitor, track and transition all your devices - frommobile computers and bar code scanners to access points, wirelessswitches and access ports.

Rapid deployment tools.
Out-of-the-box staging and deployment of new devices is fast andeasy with MSP. Mobile computers and wireless infrastructure areautomatically discovered and categorized. Automated templates enableinstant configuration and launching of devices, complete with theappropriate software. Initial deployment time for thousands ofdevices is reduced from months to minutes. Ongoing provisioningof mobile devices and network infrastructure with software updates(including operating system, firmware and applications) is reducedfrom weeks to minutes.

Day-to-day management tools.
Quickly and easily identify, resolveand prevent hardware and software issues across your entire mobilitysolution with comprehensive fault management features and end-to-endreal-time monitoring capabilities. Peak performance of mobilecomputers, applications and wireless infrastructure is easilyachieved through visibility of many metrics, including: mobiledevice battery, CPU and memory usage; application performance;and network throughput. Protect your data and wireless networkfrom unauthorized access through robust authentication and encryptionmechanisms - and the ability to quickly terminaterights for lost or stolen devices. A wide variety of reports providerobust accounting that simplifies asset management and providesa full 'who-what- when-and-where' audit trail of management tasks.And MSP easily integrates with your current Enterprise Manager.

Remote end-user support capability.
MSP's Remote Control feature providesthe information you need to quickly and easily resolve end-userissues with malfunctioning devices and wireless applicationsas well as wireless network connectivity. Complete visibilityinto devices and applications enables your support center torapidly troubleshoot problems, minimizing workforce downtime - andincreasing productivity. And training your remote end-users issimple and cost-effective with the ability to literally control the device.

MSP solution components. The major components of MSP are:
  • MSP Appliance: Available in two versions, the MSP Server is a pre-configured rack mount appliance that is up and running in minutes. MSP Lite supports up to 2,000 managed elements and MSP Enterprise supports up to 5,000 managed elements. MSP Servers can be used individually or in combination to manage very large distributed environments.
  • MSP Console: A Web-based user interface that provides anywhere, anytime management of your entire enterprise mobility solution.
  • MSP Agents: Resident on mobile devices, these software agents collect a wide variety of monitoring information from your mobile devices and wireless infrastructure, such as battery level, network statistics, CPU utilization and configuration information.