Barcode Scanner & RFID Equipment Rental
At Information Management Technologies, Inc, we understand the importance of taking inventory and the expenses that go along with buying the equipment. We also know that not every company can afford to purchase and maintain Data Collection Equipment just for inventory.
It is for these reasons and more that Information Management Technologies offers several options for renting the latest Data Collection Equipment including:
  • Replacement of malfunctioning units.
  • Increasing the amount of terminals needed to meet the seasonal demand of inventory fluctuations.

If your equipment has malfunctioned, Information Management Technologies, Inc. takes the necessary steps to ensure you receive your units promptly:

  • Call today to arrange for replacement unit(s) to be shipped out next-day.
  • Once you receive our rental unit(s), ship your failed unit(s) to our repair facility.
  • Our Factory Trained Representatives will work diligently on your equipment to have it up and running as quickly as possible.

Motorola / Symbol

PDT 6846 Rental KitMC 9060 Rental KitMC 70 Rental KitMC 50 Rental KitMC 9090 Rental Kit
DS 6608/6607 Rental KitPDT 8146 Rental KitSPT 15XX Rental KitSPT 1800 Rental KitMC 75 Rental Kit
PDT 6842 Rental Kit
  MC 55 Rental Kit


Intermec CN3 Rental KitIntermec 700 Series Rental KitCK 31 Rental KitCK 30 Rental Kit2425 Rental Kit2415 Rental Kit


Unitech HT580 Rental KitUnitech HT630 Rental KitUnitech PA600 Rental KitUnitech PA500 Rental KitUnitech PA693 Rental KitUnitech PA962 Rental Kit
Unitech HT660 Rental KitUnitech MS860 Rental KitUnitech MP200 Rental KitUnitech MP350 Rental KitUnitech MS335/336 Rental KitUnitech KP3700 Rental Kit

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