Disaster Recovery Services
Has your business recently been effected by fire, water, or natural disaster? Was your Data Collection Equipment damaged or destroyed during a natural disaster? Information Management Technologies, Inc. is here to support you during your difficult time and has the expertise to help you get back on your feet.

Information Management Technologies provides complete barcode & RFID repair and replacement services on hardware whether it be damaged by disasters or even just dropped. Our expert technical staff will attempt to repair as much of your damaged equipment as possible. If your equipment cannot be repaired, you can upgrade to brand new models and equipment for a discounted price. Worried about what your organization is going to do while you wait for your new or repaired products? Visit Information Management Technologies's Equipment Rental page, which will allow you to continue operation until your equipment is ready. At Information Management Technologies, we understand the hardship that goes along with disaster recovery and offer discounted rentals to organizations effected by disaster.

To find out more about Disaster Recovery and other services offered by Information Management Technologies, call an Account Executive at (425) 322-5078 or contact us to get your recovery process started today!