Program Analysts
Program AnalystsProgram Analysts
The Programmer Analyst will produce the initial programming code required in the pilot application.  Prior to performing the programming, the Programmer Analyst will be an integral part of the solution development through on-going communication with the System Consultant.  The Programmer Analyst will have input regarding recommended hardware and software components, as well as the system design.  Throughout the project, the System Consultant will maintain client contact, providing feedback to or from the Programmer Analyst whenever necessary.  Once the programming has been completed and fully tested, the Programmer Analyst will provide support to the System Consultant during implementation.


System ArchitectSystem Architect
The System Architect is the technical facilitator of the design, implementation and acceptance support for hardware solutions involving networking and/or radio frequency technology.  The System Architect will team with the systems consultant and the account manager to provide a comprehensive solution.  The System Architect concentrates on the physical and hardware level of networking and wireless solutions.  Specifically, the System Architect will be involved in conducting site surveys, coordination activities, system design activities, installations, testing, training, start-up support, troubleshooting and documentation.


System ConsultantSystem Consultant
The System Consultant provides presales technical and consulting support for Information Management Technologies, Inc.. Working with the account manager, the System Consultant develops project strategies to ensure successful delivery. The System Consultant forms partnerships with the Client’s technical and operational personnel.  In many engagements, the Project Manager and System Consultant roles are fulfilled by one person.


Project Management Project Management
The Project Manager is the person responsible for on time, on budget, per specification delivery of complex projects. The Project Manager manages Client expectations and project scope throughout the implementation, ensuring the financial viability of the project. At the end of the implementation, the Project Manager will ensure customer acceptance/sign off and a smooth transition into support.


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