RFID EPC Global Compliance
Radio frequency identification (RFID) was once considered the technology of the future; allowing products to communicate with your data collection system regardless of most environmental conditionings or line of site. For many, RFID was out of reach in way of practicality and return on investment.

Times have changed and so has the way we view RFID. This ever changing technology has gained momentum in the past several years with the advent of EPC (Electronic Product Code) Global Compliance and organizations backing this technology, implementing it in the way they do business. RFID EPC Global Compliance

EPC Global Compliance is on the mind of many top level Executives in the same situation as you. Whether you’re currently working with a major retailer, the Department of Defense (DOD), a major grocery chain or pharmaceutical manufacture, ready or not, you are going to need to become EPC Global Compliant and Information Management Technologies, Inc. can help.

Because Information Management Technologies, Inc. realizes one size does not fit all, we tailor our solutions to work within different business environments. At Information Management Technologies, we begin by evaluating your current system and completing a CONSULTATION / NEEDS ANALYSIS. Upon completion of our initial consultation and needs analysis, our trained and certified Account Executives will make recommendations necessary to make your system EPC Global Compliant.

Information Management Technologies installs and integrates EPC Global Compliant Solutions for your current usage and future growth.