Asset Tracking
Tote Tracking
We offer package tracking systems building off of Information Management Technologies's Package Tracking module. This system allows for a reduction in errors and increased accountability by monitoring the receipt of tote and pallet shipments with the following features:
  • Real time reportingTote Tracking
  • Record time and date stamp
  • Electronic signature capture upon delivery
  • Email alerts
Fixed Asset Tracking
Information Management Technologies's fixed Asset Tracking Software puts a variety of information at your disposal to track both capital and depreciable items. Some of the features we offer through the Fixed Asset Tracking package are as follows:
  • Works with mobile computers (such as PDAs or PDTs)Fixed Asset Tracking
  • Allows for unique barcodes
  • Handles 30 descriptors per line
  • Tracks purchase date
  • Tracks cost
  • Catalogs location transactions
  • Reporting features
  • 5 security levels for access
  • Prints barcodes
  • Provides history of item lifecycle
  • Hand held scanner support
Document Tracking
Information Management Technologies's Document tracking software module is designed to manage your most important documents. Our Web based software will manage: Document Tracking
  • Physical storage location and verification
  • Historical work flow
  • Security and authorization levels for access
Each file is given a unique serial number by which you can assign any number of configurable values for expiration date, security authorizations, valid storage locations and many others. The Information Management Technologies Document track software suite is powered by the integration of RFID technology into the storage folder, box or other container.
Hand held readers can complete the physical inventory of hundreds of documents in seconds or outfit your filing cabinet/rack with fixed readers that can complete a physical inventory request across your enterprise in just minutes. Strategically placed fixed readers will verify when documents are accessed, moved and put away. The event monitoring software will alert designated personnel of unauthorized access, mishandling or time delays in the predetermined document flow.